The next RealTimeBattle competition : November 2002

It has been a while since last competition. We are sorry if our work has been a bit slack this year, and we really hope it's going to be better soon. As it is the begining of school and that most of us doesn't have a lot to do (come on, it is always the case at the begining of the year !!!), I think I can organize a competition, and that YOU can take time to program your new, brillant robot (or take your old floppy disk at the bottom of a dusty drawer).

So, it is time for the next competion ; What are the rules ? :
Of course, this is competition of honour, where you have nothing to win but self complacency.
The rules of the competition are as follows:
Here is a list of the robots that are supposed to run for the title :
spockOscar Portela Arjona
jBotIngo Beckmann
EksolothreutisGeorgios Kounenis