This is a list of the currently known bugs in this version of the program. If you have found another bug, please look at the most recent version of this file on the homepage and if you cannot find it there either. Do also look at our bugtracking system at SourceForge. Please use this way of submitting bugs. If you can't, send a bug report to rtb@users.sourceforge.net. Please don't forget to describe the system you are using, including the version of RealTimeBattle.

If you want to submit a patch we would appreciate if you could send us a diff from the latest version or directly from the cvs.

Various compilation problems

System dependent problems may still be present. If you encounter such a bug please send a bug report to us.

Compilation problems with gettext

If you encounter a lot of parse errors with gettext and String, try to configure using:

% ./configure --with-included-gettext
or if it is still a lot of compilation problems, try to configure using:
% ./configure --disable-nls
If it still is problems, please send us a bug report.

RTB v1.0.1 crashes when trying to start a new tournament

This is fixed in v1.0.2 and later versions. The bug occurs when running without a gtkrc.

RTB v0.9.10 won't compile with gcc-2.95 and gcc-2.95.1

Compilation will fail with this compiler, we have no idea why, but it seems that it might be a bug in gcc. We have made a workaround for this problem in v0.9.11 and later versions.

There is a file missing in the 0.9.9 distribution

Yes it is, download the latest version, for a working distribution.

Sorting doesn't work for gtk+ 1.0

The sort feature is missing in gtk+ 1.0, so this will probably never work.

I can't resize windows in gtk+ 1.0

We have still not found a solution to this, but it now works in gtk+ >= 1.1.x. If you can't resize in gtk+ >= 1.1.x either, you have to upgrade to RTB >= 0.9.7.