CVS help

If you want to get the very latest snapshot of RealTimeBattle, you are advised to checkout the CVS tree from SourceForge. On this page there are more information on how to use CVS. It is also possible to browse the source there.

Checking out:

To check out simply do as follows:

Note that the main branch at the cvs is in developing stage and may not compile at all, so don't expect it to work.

First set the environmental variable CVSROOT to
by using %export CVSROOT= if you are using bash or similar shells. or %setenv CVSROOT= if you are using tcsh or similar shells.

Then go on and and login to the server and checkout:

%cvs login
%cvs co RealTimeBattle
or if you want to check out the stable branch of the RealTimeBattle tree you have to do this:
%cvs login
%cvs co -r release-1-0-0-patches RealTimeBattle


To compile RTB from the cvs you will need automake, autoconf and sgml-tools (version 1.0.x) . The latter isn't necessary if you don't need to compile the documentation.


Before the actual compiliation can be started you need to create the configure script:


If everything goes well, you should be able to compile as usual now.

Note that automake needs the file gtk.m4 , which isn't installed by default on some systems (e.g. FreeBSD).


To be able to create the *.gmo files you need to have gettext, preferably gettext 0.10.35 or later (see to download).

If you don't want any other language than english, you don't need to install gettext, but you have to configure using

% configure --disable-nls