The program doesn't compile on my computer

Please read the INSTALL file carefully, and look at the bug list. Make sure you have got the latest version. If it still doesn't work, send a bug report to rtb@users.sourceforge.net or SourceForge and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

I have installed gtk, but configure doesn't find it

Check that gtk-config is in the path! You may need to set the environmental variable GTK_CONFIG if, for example, the name of gtk-config is changed.

My robot dosn't stop rotationg

The problem is probably that you have used degrees instead of radians. Multiply the angle with pi/180 to make it work correctly.

The robot stops getting messages after a while when using signals

Your robot is probably only fetching one message per signal, but RTB does usually send more messages at once before sending a signal.

My robot doesn't work as I expect

If your messages are not recognized at all, the problem may be that the STDOUT needs to be flushed. In C++ this is done automatically by sending endl to cout, but in other languages you have to do it explicitly.

Another common mistake is to forget whitespace between the arguments of a message. This problem can be hard to find since the warning message is usually sent too late or not at all.

How do I change the language in RealTimeBattle?

This is very simple. Just set the environmental variable LANG to your language. In bash for example, use this:

% export LANG=en_US
Note that en_US is to be replaced with the language code that you want to use.

Which languages are available for RealTimeBattle?

There are, at this moment, seven translations apart from english: Polish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Japanese, Galecian and Spanish.

I want to help with development, what should I do?

Work is currently in progress for the upcoming v2.0 of RTB, which is a complete rewrite and does involve lots of new concepts, see the documentation page for more info. If you are interested in joining the team, send an email to rtb@users.sourceforge.net.