Lysator Lysator is a computer association at Linköping University.
SourceForge Soureforge holds cvs, web-site, bug-tracking among other things for open-source projects. We have our cvs and bug-tracking system at sourceforge.
Gtk+ The GIMP Toolkit. This is a gui-package that is required to run the graphical version of RealTimeBattle.
Gtk+-Themes Here you can find themes to use with gtk+ >= 1.1.5
RobotBattle This is a the game that RealTimeBattle was inspired from. It is very nice, but only available for Windows and has an own programming-language, which is very limiting.
SGML-tools The package used to create the documentation for RealTimeBattle. It is able to convert the source to a diverse set of formats, like HTML, info, latex and ps.
Freshmeat The number one site for news on Linux applications. New versions of RealTimeBattle will be announced here.
Jiro Sekiba, Minatsu Tukisima and Shinsuke Noguchi They have a site in Japanese with lots of information, e.g. robots to download and a mirror of the official homepage.
RTB-Team Framework RTB-Team is a C++ framework and a collection of strategies which allows roboters to play in a team and communicate in an efficient way.
PlanetRTB - RealTimeBattle A German website about RealTimeBattle.

If you have seen or made a homepage with RealTimeBattle related information and you think it deserves to be on this linkpage. Send us an email so we know that the homepage should be on this page.