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The next competition will take place on the last week of november

It has been a while since last competition. We are sorry if our work has been a bit slack this year, and we really hope it's going to be better soon (see help wanted page). As it is the begining of school and that most of us doesn't have a lot to do (come on, it is always the case at the begining of the year !!!), I think I can organize a competition, and that YOU can take time to program your new, brillant robot (or take your old floppy disk at the bottom of a dusty drawer).
So, it is time for the next competion ; What are the rules ? : Of course, this is competition of honour, where you have nothing to win but self complacency.
  • Please register a robot by sending an email to with the name of the author, the author's email-address and the robots name. Please use 'RC2002' as subjectline.
  • The robot should be compilable, executable or runnable. Any language is allowed, but please tell us what tools we need to make it run.
  • Executable robots should be in linux ELF format copmied with either libc6 or libc5.
  • If we can't get the robot to run, we will notify the author.
The rules of the competition are as follows:
  • The options used are the good old ones in this rtbrc
  • Two arena will be used :
    • the old circle.arena
    • and a new one, Maze.arena because I'm tired of this stupid robots who just shut ;-)
    I will allow 2 of your robots to be concidered as one robot for the final score if don't fill like programming a polyvalent robot.
  • The games will have a timeout of 5 minutes (300 seconds).
  • The games will use absolute coordinates.
  • The competition will be split into two parts. The first part with only duels, i.e. 2 participants per game. The other part 7-10 robots are competing per game. Both will take place in the 2 arenas.
  • The winner will be the robot with the lowest sum of position in the different parts. If two or more robots have the same score, a decisive game will be run to pick out a unique winner.
  • Maximum number of total participanting robots is 100 (haha).
  • The same person is only allowed to have 3 robots in the competition. (this upper bound may change).
  • How the competiton is held, i.e. which robots meet each other and how much points they get, will be announced later when we see how many robots that is participating.

Here is a list of the robots that are supposed to run for the title :
jBotIngo Beckmann

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