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Les News

On va mettre ici les infos relatives à ce site. Pour les infos sur RTB, aller voir ici

17 Septembre 2000: Une nouvelle mise à jour de RTB (1.0.5) va bientot (enfin!) sortir, mais nous n'avons pas encore fait assez de tests. Il y a une version de test disponible sur SourceForge, faite nous part de toutes vos remarques (Des tests sont tout spécialement nécessaires pour le nouveau message Coordinate, qui donne la possition de votre robot).
17 Juin 2000: Une compétition RTB aura lieu du 22 au 25 juillet à l' Euskal party à Bilbao, Espagne. Malheureusement, elle n'est ouverte qu'aux visiteurs, mais çà promet d'être un évement interressant.
16 Juin 2000: Ouverture officiel de la Division Leclerc, branche française de RealTimeBattle. Notre but est de traduire tout ce qui se passe autour du jeu, afin d'apporter une aide aux dévellopeurs francophones. Longue vie à la division Leclerc (Clap Clap Clap... Bein quoi les gars, ne me laissez pas tout seul :-()
avant le 16 juin 2000: Je ne garde que le plus interressant. Je pense que vous vous en foutez un peu de toute la serie de bugs et trucs dans le genre... pour voir l'historique au grand complet, allez voir sur SourceForge
14 Mai 2000: Nous en sommes maintenant à la version 1.0.4 de RTB. Une traduction Galician a été ajoutée.
27 Février 2000: Nous en sommes maintenant à la version 1.0.3 de RTB. Quelques bugs ont été fixés, par exemple un bug qui apparaissait quand vous utilisiez une autre langue que l'anglais.
12 Février 2000: 'Wall Crawler' de Nathan Green a gagné la première compétition de RTB. 'Wall Crawler' a été supérieur à tous ses adversaires et a battu 'Round And Round' par 181 - 117 lors de la final. La medaille de bronze revient à 'Blitz' de Tim Lavoie.
30 January 2000: RealTimeBattle v1.0.2 is now released. This is a bugfix version, there was a bug that caused RTB to crash when running without a gtkrc.
26 January 2000: Released RealTimeBattle v1.0.1. Some bugs found that are fixed. Japanese translation added. And a new feature: You can now increase the maximum number of robots running at the same time. Now you can really test the limits of your system.
20 January 2000: Jiro Sekiba, Minatsu Tukisima and Shinsuke Noguchi have made a Japanese translation of both the website and the documentation. Check also their rtb homepage.
18 January 2000: We have now changed the mailing-lists. See the mailing-lists page at Sourceforge
6 January 2000: As promised, we now release RealTimeBattle v1.0.0. We found no major or smaller bugs, so v1.0.0 is pretty equal to v1.0.0pre1. Note that we have changed email address to
2 January 2000: 10000 visitors reached on
25 December 1999: Here comes a christmas present from all of us to all of you. The release of RealTimeBattle v1.0.0pre1. Not much has been changed though, a german translation has been added and some small bugs have been fixed. If this version proves stable, v1.0.0 will be released within a week or two. Please report any problems or bugs you find.
7 December 1999: After some months of silence from the RealTimeBattle team, is it now time to announce that a competition is to be held in January 31.

RealTimeBattle seems to be pretty stable now, so version 1.0.0 is to be announced in December or January.

It is now possible to download RTB from CVS anonymously, SourceForge is to be thanked for this service. Look at this page to see how to use sourceforges CVS.

We will also use SourceForge's bug-tracking system so if you have any bugs, please go here

28 September 1999: Due to lack of praticipants, the previous competition has been canceled. There were only three robots submitted. A new equivalent tournament is due to be held in December or January. The exact date is to be announced later.
1 September 1999: Version 0.9.11 of RealTimeBattle has been released. This is primarily a bugfix version. There are two new translations available (polish and portuguese). The default prefix for the installation has been changed from /usr to /usr/local. Removed bug that appeared with gcc-2.95 and other bugfixes.
22 August 1999: Added some items to the bugs section.
16 August 1999: A new version of RealTimeBattle (v0.9.10) had to be released today beacuse one file were lacking in the v0.9.10 distribution and caused compile-time failures. We are sorry for this and hope that this new version will work better. Download the new version in the Download section.
15 August 1999: New screenshot added. It shows RTB in replaying mode, replaying a game with 120 robots.
15 August 1999: Released version 0.9.9 of RealTimeBattle. RTB is now internationalized, or more correctly we have made it possible to translate RTB to any language through gettext. Various bugfixes as usual. See the change log for a more detailed listing.
25 July 1999: A competition will be held by us in the middle of September. Look at the competition page for info about how to submit and the rules.
18 July 1999: Finally some news on RealTimeBattle!

* The homepage will move to the computer club of the local university. This means easier maintainance and hopefully more frequent updates. The netpedia homepage will probably be used as a mirror for some time, but please update your bookmarks and links to the new site.

* We have now abandoned the wwwboard in favour for two mailing lists realtimebattle-announce and realtimebattle-d, for announcements and discussions.

* Version 0.9.8 of RealTimeBattle is released. New features include a replay function to review old games, a new robot option to disable non-blocking pipes, which can make it easier to construct robots, and a smarter tournament startup window, making it faster to start and restart tournaments. See the change log for more info on news in 0.9.8.

8 March 1999: Sorry, we forgot to write documentation on the new option 'Update interval'. The changes can be found in the time options chapter of the documentation. You can also download the updated docs from the download page.
7 March 1999: Version 0.9.7 was released today. The biggest changes are internal this time and should not change the appearance, but there are several improvements you will notice: Gtk+ is no longer necessary when compiling without graphics. Two new keywords have been added to the messaging language, DebugLine and DebugCircle, and all load and save restrictions have been removed. See the change log for more details.
13 February 1999: Version 0.9.6 of RealTimeBattle is now released, loaded with new features. Note that the installation procedure is completely changed, we now use a configure script, created by automake/autoconf. Hopefully this will make rtb more portable to different dialects of UNIX. If you have any troubles with installation, please send a bug-report!
17 January 1999: The version 0.9.5 of RTB is now released. It includes a bunch of new features, see the ChangeLog for more details as usual. The program is slowly getting mature enough to become 1.0, but before that all (well, as many as possible) bugs has to be found. Please send a bug-report if you find a bug or typo or anything which could be improved!
4 January 1999: We have now set up a webchat. Hopefully it will be useful for sharing ideas and solving problems. If there are any problems with sending or reading messages, please send an email.
4 January 1999: 0.9.4 has been released. More bug fixes, but this time some improvements are made. See ChangeLog for more details.
30 December 1998: 0.9.3 has been released. Still more bug fixes.
28 December 1998: 0.9.2 has been released. Some bugs have been fixed, but surely a lot remains.
27 December 1998: The first version, 0.9.1, has now been officially released at Freshmeat.
12 December 1998: The website is up and running for test purpose.

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